Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Fwd: HEY!! (this is the blog one)



this past week has been crazy!!! like really we are either in our class room/floor studying or learning, with a PI or a TRC or in some sort of meeting! when we arent doing one of those things we are eating, sleeping, or working out! i have never been this busy in my life, but its okay! its an amazing experience and i have never been this close to the spirit, dont get me wrong, things here are hard. but i know that the lord will help me through it and that this will only benefit me and my faith in the long run.

SOOOO let me tell ya about my companion, her name is sister scarlet and she is just gorgeous and amazing, she has ADD so sometimes we get off topic and its hard for her to focus, but she has such an amazing connection with the gospel and the spirit, i am learning so much from her!

ALSO my district sisters are amazing, its just the four of us in our whole zone so we are pretty close, but sister Fairbanks and Sister Smith are amazing women with Testimonies like FIRE!

And about my district.
we get off topic alot, but we all have such a love of the gospel and each and every member brings new insights and spirit to the gospel, really, it is amazing!! the elders know what they are talking about but respect us sisters. we each bring our own strengths and weaknesses to the group, and there is such an amazing sense of love and family with us, we actually all fasted for eachother the other day, it was really cool, some elders are coming with sister scarlet and i to arizona, some are going with sister fairbanks and sister smith to houston texas east, i will miss them, but hey WE HAVE EMAIL!!

AND OUR DL is amazing! elder abbott is from Arcadia and he has the best ELDERABBOTTISMS
like, Im just a dumb white hick from a one a school or, we are greener than green haha he is so funny, i agree with him though, we got people from like missoula or from layton or provo, then he and i are just like Yo.... Hick life is life. everyone laughs at my stories of good ol' h-town and hooper tomato days and the clean, hick fun they ensue.

We met with our First TRC (training rescourse center...also i cannot spell worth a poop today) she is amazing and she has such a sweet spirit, and yup, they had us teaching a PI the first day, which actually wasnt too scary!

And at last but not least! The food... its okay, it was funny aloha plate brought in some kiluea pork, and felder lind from montana was grossed out, he hated it! but i thought it was SUPER yummy, it was teh first my comp and i ever went back for seconds! also.... the chocolate milk is amazing!

i took pictures but apparently you have to buy this adapter to put them in, so thats not happening this week! I love you All!

just remember , god loves you, and satan hates your face
Sister Cordon