Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!


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cousins for the win!

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crazy big dust devil!
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for my brother in law
Well hello!
I hope y'all are having just a fine and dandy Halloween day!

life here in the Arizona heat is great! we are meeting with more investigators which is a blessing, now if they can just progress!
also, the ward trunk or treat was a huge success! so many of the less actives came, and some of the ward members introduced us to their friends!!
its amazing just how much the lord loves us. i see it as we plan for our lessons and as i pray to know how i can be better, and what i lack. i have learned so much about myself in the past month (i have almost been out in the field for a month!!) than i have in a while. i know my limits, i know My god and My savior personally. its amazing how gods love works through us. there was an old man who when we knocked on his door fell. my companion and i immediately helped him up, he had to rely on us. he had broken his leg, but was waiting for his appointment to get a cast so his leg was only wrapped in an ace wrap. and he was still having to drive. gods love is real. it is TANGIBLE whenever we knock on a door and meet someone. despite how short the meeting may be i can feel that overwhelming love for them. and it makes me want to be better. 

sister henderson is awesome. Our CD player is broken in the car. so we make up missionary parodies to popular songs, its great, we sing at doorsteps. :)
i love being a missionary! its a time when you can forget about the world and just focus on helping people and being a representative of Jesus Christ!

the gospel is amazing i love it everyday! there is an instigator who has had a really rough couple of months he has had 3 family members die, and is being picked on at school. so  we were telling him one of our our zone leaders, Who is absolutely TERRIFIED of clowns, had a run in with a dog in his bike at night, thought it was a clown running after him, went into a retention pond and yelled SWEET MERCY!! the investigator (who is 13) was laughing and was saying hes going to be a scary clown for halloween, and came up with this plan to scare elder Peterson
so we talked to elder peterson, who is going to let the investigator scare him because he needs the laugh.

God loves us. and he knows us! even if he knows we just need a laugh!

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members let us carve a pumpkin :) also angel moroni? apparently i can okayish carve him?

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this is one of our less actives daughters, she wanted a selfie and says we are going to be best friends forever because we are basically the same :) blue eyes, hands, a nose, a mouth. she even pretends to be a missionary!

Monday, October 24, 2016



From: McKayla Shelby cordon <>
Date: Mon, Oct 24, 2016 at 1:25 PM

here are the sisters who are in my home and my zone they are cute!

... not my zone. The sisters are cute! Oopsie!


There can be miracles (when you believe!)- price of egypt

THERE CAN BE MIRACLES (when you believe!) - prince of egypt

From: McKayla Shelby cordon <>
Date: Mon, Oct 24, 2016 at 1:23 PM


AH this week has been amazing, i literally do not know where to begin!!
so i will number them :)
1. Arianna Baggely, who was in my sixth grade class at quest academy is in my mission!!! and in mission genealogy terms is my sister because my dad was her trainer (yeah im becoming fluent in it!)
2. My hives went away!!  so now my face no longer feels like large grit sandpaper!
3. Heavenly father hears our prayers! we prayed that we would be able to find people, and the doors that were opened were people who were willing to at least listen to us! Or give us water! (did you know that if someone comes to your door and has a bottle or cup or something and ask for water, you cannot turn them away? people still do it to missionaries but ya know I HAVE NEVER VALUED WATER AS MUCH AS I DO HERE! IT IS PRECIOUS!)
4.  so a member who has not been to church in a long LONG time. and who has not let missionaries enter into her home let us in 2 times this week! sister hederson and i were headed home, but we were trying to be obedient missionaries and we had some extra time, so she was like, hey lets try this person! and i was like sure why not we got time! THEN SHE WAS ACTUALLY THERE AND NOT ONLY THAT SHE WAS LIKE "OH! ITS YOU! COME ON IN!" it was super exciting! apparently we had waved at her while she was on her bike, and she thought "hey i should go back and talk to them!" but she didn't, then we showed up at her house! then she asked us if we needed a dinner, and our dinner had just cancelled on us for the next day so we were like "what are you doing tomorrow? then we went over and her and her son let us show them the #becausehelives video (if you have not seen it i highly recommend it, #waterworks #imnotcryingitsjustmyallergies) and she bore her testimony about how she has been able to feel close to him the most outside or in church, then her son (who apparently came out on Facebook a week prior that he was atheist) talked about the spirit that he could feel inside the temple! 
5.okay, this is the one my family is probably waiting for... so i am going to leave it until next week :)
6. we are getting the chance to work with the youth more often which is really exciting.
7. my companion bated a dog with jerky to be her friend and stop barking and not eat her. it was a very very small dog. and only the first and the last of the things happened!
8. we met a recent convert who just moved into the ward who is preparing to go through the temple soon, she is amazing and is basically me in 20 years. still hyper, still excited about the gospel, still extremely sassy and someone who does not understand those that can deny god. like really my companion was like that is you in 20 years and i was like yes, yes it is, isnt that exciting!! 
9.i can bike in a skirt #miracle! companion did not die from eating a weird fruit that has like this red spikey shell that turns out she was allergic to so that is nice she just got sickish
11. Packages!!
12. i got a photo book with my family in it, (also a 100$ voucher for wine because photofly gave it and my sis had it sent straight to me that was funny)
13. so we swung by this families house, and the dad was just home, so we couldnt go inside, but he was playing video games and the 2 children under the age of 5 decided to come out onto the front porch with the missionaries, so we spent 15 minutes trying to get these chittens to go back inside their home without picking them up, as their chocolate lab growled at us #briberydoesntwork #stickershavefailedme #nonowisnotagoodtimeforawalk #whereisdad?
14.we helped out a woman in the ward who is going through a divorce and has to move out, she has really bad social anxiety but she told us how grateful she was and how we should be proud to serve the lord and how church has become her refuge lately, also the lady who is me in 20 years? yeah she convinced her to stay that first day :)
15. okay really now, did you really think i would leave such an amazing story until next week? nah i would never! so my comp and i were walking down the street one night, i was shuffling in some gravel because one of the people who we like to visits dog likes to stick its head out of these weird holes at the bases of all the walls here (one day i will catch it on camera it is super funny) but i was trying to get it to do it again! then a car come by and a guy yells "sisters!! Whats up?" and i turn, thinking oh no! i was not being a good Representative of Christ (because would he do that? no, no he would not) but anywho i thought i was caught! then he introduces himself as Christopher funk. now i had seen his name on the ward list, and it said we shouldn't contact him because he didnt like the missionaries, and i had just emailed my dad that day? or day before? if we were related. so i asked him. "do you have any relatives in logan?" and he said "i have some in richmond!" and i was like who? "and he said, my dads name is Clarence funk!" i was like OH MY GOODNESS WE ARE RELATED!! I AM MARY LOUS GRANDAUGHTER. and he was like NO WAY WHICH CHILD"
anyway, he and my dad are cousins who went up and worked on the funk family farm every summer (say that 3 times fast) isnt that nuts!! so now i can swing by and talk to him!! its great, he has been through so much, and i hope i can be of help to him and help him come back to Christ. its crazy! missionaries are put in certain places at certain times to help people have a desire to come unto christ. it is crazy! i have seen how i can be of use, and how my testimony can be of use to the savior here, now i just need to stay obedient and work hard so that i can be a sharp tool in his hands! recently, i challenged Chris with a Funk family challenge.

in the book of mormon, the book of ether, chapter 12 verse 4 it says Wherefore  whoso believeth in God might with a surety hope for a better world, yea, even a place at the right hand of God, which hope cometh of faith maketh an anchor to the souls of men, which would make them sure and steadfast, always abounding in good works, being led to glorify God.

if anyone knows my family, we love to boat. and while Christ is the perfect anchor, one that is always true and will always hold us. we have to make sure we are holding onto the rope. and we have to be sure that that rope is strong and unfrayed. because if we loose that rope, we are still lost at sea. that rope is our faith, we have to check it, we have to be sure that it is strong enough to stand up to the tempest that the adversary throws at us (see helaman 5;12 below it is my favorite!!!) i left chris with that challenge, and i leave you with it as well. if you do not have that rope, that faith and hope in god and Jesus Christ, find it. read the scriptures, pray, search for him with all your heart. if you do have it, strengthen it! do not forget your rope until the time that you need it, because faith does not have a long shelf life, and it will break and you will be lost to the storm!

Helaman 5:12
and now my sons, remember, remember, that it is upon the rock of our redeemer, who is Christ, the son of God, that ye must build your foundation; that when the devil shall send forth his mighty winds, yea, his shafts in the whirlwind, yea when all his hail and his mighty storm shall beat upon you, it shall have no power over you to drag you down to the gulf of misery and endless wo, because of the rock upon which ye are built, which is a sure foundation, a foundation whereon if men build they cannot fall.
 can you see why this one is my favorite? second assignment, figure out why i draw a lighthouse on this scripture, remembering that each lighthouse has its own unique flash.

whelp that is it for this week!
love you all, remember that God loves you and satan hates your face!
Love sister, Hermana, sestra, Cordon​​​​​​​​ 

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    there was a scorpion in my house, sister hederson freaked and then smushed it​Inline image 2
​head of something someone hunted anyone know what it is?​​​​​​Inline image 3

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Monday, October 17, 2016

Oh! And I forgot this awesome experience!


it is amazing to see the spirit in action! and to just be a conduit for it, we were talking with a thirteen year old investigator, the one who reminds me of my nephew, and he was talking before about how much he likes video games, well i flipped through my book of mormon, looking for a scripture to share, when i saw one that i drew someone coming out of a grave on. i remembered that he likes zombies. so i read it and told him about the resurrection and how we can live again, but unlike zombies,we will be like we are now, but we will have perfect bodies. i then told him how important it was to me because my grandpa had lou gherigs. he blamed his allergies but it was just what he needed to hear. sister henderson told me he had lost alot of people who were close to him lately. The spirit is amazing!!! there was another less active member that we were talking to, and she asked me why i went on a mission, and i told her that i had been without a testimony before, because i had relied on the testimonies of my parents and siblings. she then opened up to us about how she had read some church history things that had made her loose her testimony of Joseph smith, and the book of mormon. so we asked if i could practice teaching the lessons (because 1 i need to and 2 she needs it... we didnt tell her the second one) with her and her family and she agreed! then we asked some potential investigators that love having us over just so that they can talk about the word of god, they are looking for a church, but an apostolic church, but they are so kind, so sister henderson and i asked if i could teach them the lessons and they agreed as well!! who knew me being a greenie could get us to do so much good!

guess I am allergic to Arizona

 guess i am allergic to arizona

McKayla Shelby cordon <>Mon, Oct 17, 2016 at 12:09 PM


how is the weather? are your lives super amazing? 

The mission life is great, we volunteered at the special olympics (i actually learned things about softball which is crazy) but apparently there is something in the air here that i am allergic to, because MY FACE AND NECK HAVE BEEN COVERED IN SMALL HIVES AND I DONT KNOW WHY (apparently it happens to alot of people when they first come to Arizona)

 so yeah thats fun, benadryl is slowly taking them away, but not many pics today because of that!

i have met some really awesome people this week, one of our Progressing investigators, reminds me so much of my nephew leroy!  and i now can say i know an aussie!! (on of our investigators is from Australia, she gave me her bottle of benadryl until i can get some today i like her alot! she has PTSD from the Australian navy and some stuff they had to do, but she is amazing!)

Speaking of PTSD a guy in my ward is in the army, so he and his wife are putting on this thank the veterans thing in november and it has a five k with it! it is so cool and  is such a great missionary opportunity and such a great service experience, we do not know what we are going to  do yet, but we have been inviting alot of people (there are a ton of vets here) because they can be thanked for their service, and can find others who are going through what they are going through and get help (through many different ways... including Christ!) but yeah it is so cool!

this ward is amazing, they are great member missionaries, and just all around amazing people, even the in-actives have such strong testimonies! our zone leader elder Aholelei (yup you guessed it he is from Hawaii) was saying that people are being gathered here to hear the gospel, that is why they are so nice, they are looking for something that the gospel can provide for them. it is so true! even the people who are anti Mormon or not interested are nice! (most of the time we had aguy swear at us because we knocked at 7o-clock one night... really they need daylight savings time here this is nuts!)
haha i even fell off my bike this week! (my skirt got stuck on the seat when i was trying to get off) that was a blast!!!

its so cool seeing all of these little connections that are all over, my companion is related to the georges, she love bishop simpsons music, everyone has dogs, (which make me happy!!) one ladys grandson is a packers fan and the other is a saints fan (go Drescher!) 

i love the gospel, i love the peace and comfort it brings and i love being a missionary! God knows us, he is the father of our spirits, He wants us to become more like him, which is why he created a perfect plan for us to return to him, one that was fulfilled by Jesus Christ. I know that He lives, i know that the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints is his church restored to the earth, i know that the Book of Mormon is the the most correct book, a companion to the bible and most importantly it is a testament of Jesus Christ and our father in heaven. i know these things more now than i ever have before, because i have seen how these things can change people. its amazing and it is the good news that i am sharing. THERE IS A BALM IN GILEAD! THE GATES OF HEAVEN ARE STILL OPEN! GOD LOVES US AND KNOWS US! HE CREATED A PLAN FOR US! (this is me shouting it in text form from the rooftops)

Isnt that amazing? 
Signing off till next  week

Sister (hermana, Sestra Whatever you wanna call it!) Cordon

Monday, October 10, 2016

I Got Another Mom!


McKayla Shelby cordon <>Mon, Oct 10, 2016 at 1:30 PM

Well Hello friends and family!!! how is life?

life in arizona is great!! and i am so excited to be here! i am serving in florence which is basically at the bottom of the mission! but it is great! its is just like hooper! (although cacti up the wazoo) it is great! and i am so happy to be here. AND THERE ARE COTTON FEILDS AND GIANT CACTI LIKE AS BIG AS A HOUSE!!! my trainer looks at me like i am crazy but it is so exciting!!!

also, can i just talk about how much i love her! turns out, she  is cousins with some of my absolute favorite people back in hooper AKA the georges!! which is wonderful!! and she is just down right amazing! and i adore her! the people here are so nice, and so worried about us, part of our area covers Magic oasis, where there was one of those clown sightings, so everyone was really worried about us being out during awkward hour (7-8;30 where it is dark here yet we are knocking on doors its great)

but anywho, yesterday we were knocking there, and i thought i heard something, sister henderson noticed me moving so my back was to the LA house we were going to knock on during the prayer. and the suspicious look i gave the street so she asked me what was up, i didnt tell her until we got back in the car, then we moved 2-3 blocks down to check on another door, but we both just got this uneasy feeling in our tummies, and we didnt feel like we should get out of the car. anywho isnt that cool!! i dont tell you this to scare you or to be worried about me. i tell you this because heavenly father protects his servants!!! its crazy and amazing and just another testament to just how much he loves us! sorry about the typos i am typing fast and i think i am missing a few... oh well!

anyway yeah sister henderson is an amazing sister and i am learning so very very much from her! it is great and i adore her! she is so sweet and she puts up with so much because of me being a clueless little greenie! 

haha the people out here are great, i really adore them! they are so willing to do missionary work and they have a love of the gospel, most of the ones i have met are converts and it is amazing to here their amazing testimonies! yesterday, they were literally lining up for testimony meeting! that hardly ever happened back home! and they are so humble and sweet! it is great! and didnt you love general conference!! almost every talk was about missionary work and prayer and conversion! isnt that amazing! 

yes, i am still learning how to ride a bike in a dress, it is a challange but i am working on it, sister hederson says i am dong amazing, i dont know about that but i am working hard and trying to stay positive!! its amazing how much i still have to learn, but i will eventually and that is all that matters. there are alot of dirt roads down here, and there is one that isnt county maintained, so there are huge dips and washboards and just old couches, tires, and mattresses sitting in the middle of this dirt road. its GREAT!! (this is going out to magic) haha its a roller coaster (although a slow one so the vehicle monitor machine thing tiwi does not yell at us)

 my house mates are beautiful human beings who i love, like really they are so sweet and i couldnt have asked for a better  situation or a better place to be, my first day we met with a new investigator and his family, i really hope everything will go well for them!! 

so question for my past and present missionary friends, do all missions have this missionary genealogy thing? basically, my trainer is my ma.. so that plus my three older sisters who mothered me, and my actual ma equals.... 5 MOMS NOW!!
also, got to talk about the zone in general, they are great. i love it here! and PRESIDENT WHEELER HOW COULD I FORGET HIM OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS HE IS WONDERFUL AND HIS WIFE IS SO SWEET AND THEY REMIND ME OF MY PARENTS AND IT IS GREAT!!! AHHHHHHHHHH president wheeler is amazing and i love him, and i am so excited to be in this mission!!!!!

there have been so many miracles and so many amazing things that have happened, what will have to suffice is that i am happy, healthy, hydrated, and so excited!

well i love you all so very much! thank you for the encouragement and support. it means the world to me! 

love you all!!

Sister Cordon

 cactus juice... its the quenchiest... nothing is quenchier -sokka -Avatar the last airbender​
behold.... the mighty lion​

​The two i am pointing at are from hooper, also, notice the other elders monacle... he is rocking! all he needs is my mustache necklace​ 


​Elder abbott left so i got his spot #fierce​

​ELDER agurrie​

                                    well if seeing your home city (not hooper but close enough) on the frontrunner doesn't tug at your heart strings

​this is sister henderson she is amazing! also.. it bright!​