Monday, June 12, 2017

WOOAH we're halfway there!!! WoahOH Living on a prayer!!- Bon Jovi

yup so that is my music nerd coming out. let me just shove that back down .*hears me struggle in the background..i come back slightly out of breath*..... okay hopefully it wont come back out for a while :)
but yeah, this week i hit my hump day, and its nuts! like really tho, who would have thunk? nine months and im still here, sweating like a dog, but here (i dont understand that expression tbh, dogs dont sweat... anywho)

but here are some things i have learned about missionarying, my dear friends if you know a greenie, please copy this and send it to them, but be sure to give me credit :)
1. the Arizona Gilbert mission is the best, hands down no questions asked. all arguments against it are invalid so go home
2. minutes are long, weeks feel like an hour
3. sunscreen is your friend
4. water is your friend
5. its alot easier talking to people than you think it is 
6. get over yourself, it will make things alot more enjoyable
7. focus on the people in your area that you serve this also will make  things alot more enjoyable (free will) is the best worst gift ever (why can i just force them to do something? because that isnt how heavenly father wants it.. but it sucks)
9. odds are your parents are right
10.biking in a skirt is alot harder/easier than you think, it depends fully on the length of the skirt/ how flowey the stirt is 
11.the Church of Jesus christ of latter day saints IS true, it IS christ's church restored again today. and we can grow closer to our savior through it
12 bug spray is your friend
13 scorpions are demon spawn
14 really though, if you see one run and scream then find the scorpion spray
15. the book of mormon is true :)
16 you have these companions for a reason
17 the docerine of christ (faith, repentance, baptism, gift of the holy ghost and enduring to the end) allow us to change and become the people heavenly father wants us to be, aka a disciple 
18 this is the greatest work and i love it so very much
19 i love being a missionary, i love being a disciple of jesus christ, i love doing his work and bringing his children  closer to him. its kind of the best thing ever!! 
20 i know that this church is true, i feel it in my heart. and i know it is true with every fiber of my being, i know it, and God knows that i know it. and i cannot deny it. 
and i know, whatever our question may be, if we study the book of mormon prayerfully and with real intent, willing to act upon the answer we receive heavenly father will answer it. miracles have not ceased and heavens gates have not closed. he will answer our prayers. 
i know this because he has answered mine, he has kept my purse safe when i have left it in a shopping cart at winco, he has comforted my anxiety and strengthened me through my depression. he has brought miracles to me and given me encouragement when i have needed. all when i have asked.

its cool, we have this investigator., tina, and she had fallen off the face of the earth. for like 2 months. but she has gone through the ringer lately and although she has anxiety and depression and a whole lot of crap in her life. she still wants to grow closer to god, she still wants to come to church, even when her anxiety flares before, she calls us at 7:00 and prays with us so she can receive the strength to go to church, and stay through most of it

well, thats all i got right now
remember God loves you, jesus loves you, i love you and satan hates your beautiful face!!
signing off!
Sister, hermana, sestra, (what ever you choose to call it) cordon :)

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