Wednesday, June 7, 2017

So this is weird isn't it?

so this is weird isnt it?
so the zone conference was amazing!! its really cool, they asked me to sing in a smaill group, i dont know why they did that but they did and i guess it sounded okay, elder pearson liked it so thats all that matters!
 hes a seventy! like elder cornish! (kill the cow guy)
he threw down on us, making us feel like the most disobedient missionaries in the world, but it was good because he also showed us our potential. and we have seen the miracles from it!! 
i would basically base my entire email off of it, but it suffice to say  that i realized i need to change, because that is what the docterine of chirst does, it allows us to change and become a disciple of jesus christ. we all have out comfort sins, but when we let those go, then we will be able to grow and become closer to jesus christ :)
also, the general authorities are amazing!!
also being close to nine months is really strange!! its crazy!! but im still feeling like i am growing, i dont know alot, but i know the basics, and now i can try and become even better!!
it seems like alot of times we get comfortable, and we dont let ourselves grow, because we are comfortable. so im out of that now :)
i love being a missionary, i love being able to serve and to help and to lift!
i know that this is true, i know jesus is real,  and that he lives and loves us. 
and i know that strengthening our faith in christ that casteth out all of our fears, our doubts (even the ones that are about ourselves) i know it because this gospel has done that for me. it has cast away my fears, my doubts, and my lack of self worth this gospel has shown me that i AM a daughter of God who DOES love me and IS AWARE of me. and that i am worth so much in his eyes.
i love you all so much!!!
signing off
sister hermana sestra cordon

pool duck, cause they dont have ponds here

pretty train track photo, dont worry ben, i wasnt on the train tracks just next to the train tracks as we were crossing

mah soap

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