Monday, May 29, 2017


so this week has flown by, like the energizer bunny on steroids and large amounts of caffeine flying on a bicycle powered helicopter.... through the jungle

great imagery!! 

but yeah thats how this week has been, its alot of fun!!! sister johnson and our house and i had a whole lot of party this week, AKA before doing paperwork this week we went and got....... JAMBA JUICE!!!! because sister olsen has never had jamba juice!! can you imagine? 
its like why missionaries are out in the world, we have this favorite thing, the gospel, that we will liken to jamba, when we hear that there are people who dont have this awesome thing LIKE JAMBA we are like... HOLD ON JUST A MINUTE! you gotta go to jamba!!! and then we drop everything and go because it makes us happy, and that is like how we are with the Gospel, this gospel gives us so much peace, joy and comfort, and we are sad when we find people who dont have it, thats why missionaries knock on doors, not to force someone into a font, but to be like HULLO! we have this thing, and it makes us happy, can we please share?

but yeah this week was fun, we work as volunteers for a halfway home every Wednesday and this last one WE UNLOADED a TRUCK LOAD of cases of water yet one or two of the sisters "
*cough cough* sister johnson and bischoff** cough GOT dehydrated!!! yup guys! pray for me please!! its starting!! this ice cube is going to melt!!

also we went to a farm AND I GOT TO FEED A BABY ZEEBO its like a wildebeest combined with a cow and it was cute!! her name is zobie and we are friends, also at this farm we fertilized a horse field, which means flinging horse poo across the field with a pitchfork :) it was fun

hmmm what else? 

oh yeah! so crazy cool thing, there was this lady who called saying she wanted to feed us dinner, but it turns out she wasnt in our area, heck she was like 20 minutes away! but she still wanted to feed us so she picked us up and took us to her house, it turns out she was my trainers primary teacher when sister henderson was like 10 and she had just found out that sister henderson served in her area and was bummed she didnt get to see her when she was here (sister henderson recently finished her mission) . so it was cool!

but yeah life pretty great out here!! and just fyi they are moving my pday to Wednesday next week, so when you dont get your weekly dose of crazy from me on monday do not be alarmed, there is just a area seventy coming in to town so they had to play with the schedual a bit so it will be back to monday after that :)

love you all!!
sister, hermana,sestra (what-have-you) cordon 

1 this goat is stretching for the heavens

2 me feeding a zeeboo

3 petting a zeeboo

4 fancy zeeboo

5 see? im a dork (and kinda scared that this pic is going on the interwebs)

6 sister miller and i are cute

7 usa burger press.... i need this because i need this

8 it looks like ice cream BUT NOPE I MADE SOAP WITH A LADY IN ONE OF MY WARDS 
yay soap!! and it has cool shiny things we go and cut the soap tomorrow so more pics of soap next week... and just so my friends and family know i am 100% picking this hobby up when i get home :)

9 my companion died after getting stuffed with food by a member, its fun :)

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